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MRCP(UK) UK PACES 2023/2 - Edinburgh Examiner Availability

Dear Examiners,

Are you interested in representing the Edinburgh College in diet 2023.2 at one of the MRCP(UK) UK PACES centres?  

Before selecting your 2023.2 centre availability:

Please carefully take the following points into consideration in order to minimise the risk of last minute examiner withdrawals:

  • The number of dates you can offer, ensuring you have the time to commit.
  • The travel time required to attend each centre, ensuring the travel time required will fit around any commitments you are obliged to carry out immediately before and after examining. Are you travelling locally on the exam day? Or do you need to factor in time for travel the day before or after the exam?
  • Are you available for the full examination day? In general examiners should arrive by 8am on the exam dates and leave after 5pm on the last day of examining.
  • If travel is an issue, are there centres with suitable dates in a more convenient location, close to your home or place of work?
  • Are there good transport links (road, rail and air) between your home or place or work and the examination centres you are selecting?

Submitting your note of interest and availability:

Please complete all sections of the 2023.2 examiner compliance and availability survey and submit by the deadline of Sunday 26 March 2023.

All examiners are required to be fully compliant when examining. You will be required to answer a few questions to confirm you meet all the essential examiner criteria and to monitor MRCP(UK) compliance, quality assurance and diversity.

Please use the 'Further Information' section to submit any comments you believe will be helpful to know in support of your allocation. 

What happens next?

All submitted availability will be carefully considered for examiner allocation.

Please note: Examiner demand is higher at some centre than others, therefore, it is not always   possible to allocate to your first choice for our most popular examination centres. 

You will be emailed by Thursday 7 April 2022 with confirmation of your examiner allocation for 2023.2 Edinburgh PACES examination centres and dates.


You can read the College’s privacy statement on examiners which explains how we use data that we store about you.

If you have any questions, please email the Edinburgh College examinations team at:

Thank you for all your support in helping to run the PACES exams at our centres.